Use our live room to track those drum sounds you've been dreaming about. Or how about cut your vocals into our vintage mics? Need piano tracked? We have 2 grand pianos along with multiple keyboards and Hammond's that are at your disposal. String Quartets? Yep we've tracked plenty of fact there hasn't been much we can't handle inside our live room. How about track your band live to get your demos worked out? No problem. Need session players? The network of working musicians attached to Music Garden Studios can cover almost every instrument. 



So you've got all your tracks recorded but can't seem to get them sounding quite right? Not to worry. We can step in at any part of your project to pick up where you need it. Between our console, converters, outboard gear, and plugin library, we'll be able to take your tracks to a the next level and get them album and radio ready. Don't underestimate what a good mix can do for your song. Even if it takes sending your tracks through our tape machines and plate reverb, we're not satisfied until you're completely happy with your mix.



It can mean a lot of things when recording, but proper production is the most important part of your project. Production can be sitting down with us during songwriting to make sure your song comes across to listeners the way you intend. Production can be having a producer at your rehearsal, making sure your future session runs smoothly. Production is a producer with an outside ear on your recording to get you the best take. Production might be adding those extra elements in your songs to fill in the missing gaps. Whatever is is, we can handle it. Our sense of production stems from the idea we'll do whatever it takes to get the best version of the work you bring to the table.



Music Garden Studios is able to handle most transfers to and from any medium.

  • 2 Inch 24 Track
  • 2 Inch 16 Track
  • 1/4 Inch Stereo
  • 1/4 Inch Mono
  • 1/4 Inch 4 Track
  • Cassette
  • CD's

Rehearsal Space

Need a professional space to host a rehearsal? We'll provide whatever you need to make it happen including: PA System, music stands, chairs, instruments, etc